Sunshine and Raspberries

It was such a beautiful sun shining day today!  I haven’t posted on my little blog is what feels like forever, so I thought I’d do a quick post and share this lovely cake with you!  This cake makes me think of sunshine with its ombré yellow frosting, zingy lemon throughout and a pop of red with the raspberry topping!  I made this cake earlier in the summer, but never had an opportunity to share it here.  It’s a rich butter cake infused with lemon zest and rich vanilla, filled with a raspberry buttercream and frosted with a lemon buttercream.  Maybe you will head in the kitchen and whip up a cake that makes you think of sunshine too!




(I love the inside cake shots!)

This cake was soooo good!  If you would like to recreate this cake, I used a couple of my old faithful recipes. The cake recipe can be found here, my Meme’s rich pound cake.  The buttercream filling is an italian meringue buttercream with fresh raspberry purée, this recipe can be found here and the frosting is a whipped buttercream with lemon juice, cream and a litte vanilla, this recipe cane be found here.



Pretty Little Paris Cakes

A Paris theme party definitely calls cute little cakes…
with ‘abstract’ chocolate Eiffel Towers! Paris Cakes

I was dying to use my cute little 6 inch pans, so I couldn’t wait to make these cakes!  My goddaughter turned 11 last week and her mother went all out to create a Paris themed birthday party for her.  Every detail was attended to and of course the menu was well thought out, so I had to come correct with the cakes!

The color scheme was black and white and although I love those colors together, I was nervous about trying my hand with using black frosting, especially coupled with the white frosting.  I was worried that I would change my mind on the placement of a rose or swirl and would be unable to easily make the correction.  I envisioned myself possibly ending up with a ‘gray’ birthday cake, which is definitely not Paris worthy! So, until I become a bit more sure of myself with the decorating, I’ll stick with a single color or at least safer color combinations!

Paris Cake collages

I did however want to bring a little contrast into this cake, so I decided to create a chocolate Eiffel Tower.  Had I ever made a Eiffel Tower out of chocolate before?  Nope!  Did I think I could… of course!!  The key for me was to make it an ‘abstract’ version of an Eiffel Tower and then to inform everyone that it was an ‘abstract’ version of the Eiffel Tower. That way it would prepare peoples expectations when viewing them and make me look like I had effectively achieved my goal! Plan worked out perfectly!  With that said, I was pretty proud of how they turned out and my goddaughter was SO excited when she saw them and knew immediately what it was supposed to be… an Eiffel Tower!  So, no awkward conversations trying to explain what the chocolate thing on the side of her cake was… I had a very happy goddaughter, mission accomplished!

Paris Cakes Up Close

My goddaughter and her family only like vanilla cake (and somehow I still love them!), so I made two rich vanilla pound cakes, one filled with a raspberry Italian Meringue Buttercream, the other filled with a blackberry Italian meringue buttercream.  As you can see from what remained, they were very well received by the guests!  Every last drop was eaten and enjoyed!  Love when that happens!

Paris Cake Cut collage

The best compliment that I received on these cakes, well outside of my goddaughter loving them, was when one of the guest asked me if I made wedding cakes!  I just couldn’t stop smiling!  Truth is I would love to make a wedding cake for someone… I’ve been very nicely informed (by my fiance, mom and others!) that I can’t make my own wedding cake, so I need someone to get married and then trust me to make their wedding cake, PLEASE!Paris Cakes Outside

I had a lot of fun making these cakes!  These are familiar recipes, my favorite Pound Cake and Italian Meringue Buttercream recipes, they never fail me!  I am still looking for a good non-pound cake vanilla cake recipe, so any recommendations for favorite vanilla cake recipes are welcomed!

Au revoir and have a great Labor Day weekend!