Playing with Cake – Smash Cake

Smash Cake 1

That is some impressive cake smashing, right!

This will not be a long post, but this smash cake picture was too cute not to share!  I recently had the pleasure of making two cakes for a baby’s first birthday party.  A little smash cake and a birthday cake to serve.  I think that the original thought was that they would serve the larger cake and perhaps part of the smash cake, depending on how much ‘smashing’ the birthday boy did.  Well, I guess that this little birthday boy decided to really enjoy his little birthday cake, so there was very little of this cake to share… I love it!

Share and Smash

This smash cake was the perfect size for the birthday boy to dive into and enjoy!  His little cake was a rich chocolate cake with an american buttercream filling and frosting.

Smash Cake collage

The larger birthday cake was a vanilla cake with an Italian meringue buttercream filling and frosting.  Perfect adult (and kid) birthday cake!  I loved the color combination that they chose, blue, grey and lime green.  I decided to use the blue and lime green for the cake colors and think that the cake turned out cute.


I love playing a part in the celebration of birthdays. For the most part I believe that for a baby’s first birthday, the parties are probably more for the adults than the children because they likely won’t remember it.  Even so, I understand why parents put so much into this birthday, it is an important milestone, plus the pictures are always great!  I will say that after seeing this cutie dive into his little smash cake I really want to believe that he will remember, even if it is a distant memory, the fun he had eating his little birthday cake!  Thankfully if he doesn’t remember, there will be always be the pictures!

Here’s wishing the birthday boy many, many more happy birthdays!!


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