A Wedding Cake

I made my first Wedding Cake!!image

Anyone that knows me knows how much I have been wanting to make a wedding cake. Although I guess that I could have just made one because I wanted to, I really couldn’t justify doing so.  I am sure that I would have been able to find people to help me eat the wedding cake, but I guess I wanted the excitement of knowing that the cake I was making would be for someones special day.  Well, I finally got my opportunity!  I was recently asked to make a wedding cake for my cousins best friend.  The bride wanted a small cake for a reception at their home following the ceremony at the justice of peace.   I was able to talk to the bride about colors, design ideas, cake size and flavors and after gathering all the information I set out to make a cake that would be a beautiful addition to her lovely wedding day!

image I’ve made lots of cakes, but I knew that I needed to do some research about how to ensure that this cake would be structurally sound.  I didn’t want to create a pretty cake and have it come tumbling down!  I needed to figure out about how to best place the wooden dowels (or bubble straws), using the different cake boards and of course the all important topic of transporting the cake.  As you can see from the pictures below, the process of making a cake involves a lot of stuff, which creates clutter, so please excuse the background clutter in the pictures below! 🙂   wc1 collage Before completing the wedding cake I actually made a test cake where I played around with the design, specifically with the creation of the buttercream flowers.  The picture below is of my test cake…. I went a little crazy with the flowers, specifically the size of the flowers in relation to the cake, but that’s why its important to do a test cake, to figure out what works and what doesn’t. wc collage 2 The bride said she wanted lemon cake with buttercream.  So, I decided to make a lemon butter cake and each layer had a thin layer of homemade lemon curd, topped with a lemon curd infused Italian Meringue Buttercream filling and the entire thing was frosted with vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream.  I had to do several ‘quality control’ tastings of the test cake just to make sure the balance of flavors was just right…  it was such hard work! 20131013_143116(0) In an earlier post I mentioned my concern around working with black frosting on a white cake.  I tactfully avoided combining the two colors on my goddaughters birthday cake, but for this one I realized that I had to find a way to tackle this challenge.  To avoid having a gray wedding cake, I made the flowers on parchment paper squares and then applied them to the cake.  I felt like this was much safer than piping the flowers directly on the cake because I’m certain in doing so I would have ended up with a gray cake!    WC Flower collage In addition to the cake, the bride asked me to make a couple cupcakes for them to eat on their first anniversary, such a cute idea! image

I really have WAY too many pictures of this cake, in fact I had to streamline my photos for this post!  I was just so excited to be finally making the cake and seeing it all come together that I wanted to capture every step in the process and get pictures of every possible angle of the cake (which I did)!  I even wanted to take pictures of me delivering the cake to the bride, maybe one with the bride and I smiling standing next to the cake, but because I didn’t know her that well I realized that it might be a little over the top!  So, I quickly finished the set up, took my final picture of the cake on its stand, topped with a very cute monogram cake topper, congratulated the bride again and gathered up my things and went on my merry way!  I definitely didn’t want to look like a crazy cake lady!


So, after weeks of planning, contemplating and then finally baking, I can now say that I have made a wedding cake!  I think that the bride was pleased. The day after the wedding she sent me a nice ‘thank you’ text telling me that the cake was a success and that everyone loved the flavors!  To me that was the best compliment because who wants a cake that looks pretty, but taste horrible!  I think I accomplished both and am so glad I was able to be a part of their special day! image I can’t wait for the next opportunity to make a wedding cake!  Since I’ve been informed that I can’t make my own wedding cake, I really need someone else to get married soon so I can add another wedding cake to my portfolio…

Any weddings being planned out there?!?!


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