Special Order – Housewarming Sugar Cookies

Home is where the heart is!image

I was asked sometime ago to make some cookies for a housewarming party. I wanted to do something a creative but with meaning and that is how these ‘Home is where the heart is’ sugar cookies came to be.  I have always loved that saying and thought that it would translate well in sugar cookie form.


I did a test batch of these cookies a couple weeks ago.  In the test batch the heart in the center was really small, too small… there was barely any heart in those homes!  Although they looked okay, I wanted the heart to really stand out.   I think that the homes with lots of warmth and laughter on the inside are filled with lots of people with big hearts on the inside.  So for this batch of cookies I made the hearts big… with a little sparkle!


I like sparkle.  I think that a little sparkle can completely transform the look of something.  Yes, the cookies with just the plain heart looks okay, but doesn’t the addition of sparkle just take it to a whole other level?  Of course it does!!  Now I will say that it is possible to go a little overboard with the sparkle, but I think that these cookies represents appropriate use of sparkle.  Do the sparkle police out there agree?  image

When I made the wedding cookies and even the bridal shower cookies earlier this year I individually bagged each cookie.  For these I decided to present them on a tray and wrap the entire tray in cellophane. I happen to have a bow leftover from the holidays that worked perfectly.  Finally, the ‘ENJOY’ tag sent just the right message!  I think that presentation is everything, well that and taste, so I wanted the presentation to serve as a beautiful precursor to the goodness to come.



I am still new to sugar cookie decorating, but am definitely working to perfect this craft!  Instead of using royal icing I decorate my cookies with a confectioner sugar mixture.  I imagine that it works the same as the royal icing, it hardens nicely (but not hard as a rock!) so that you can build designs.  Like royal icing you can control the thickness of the glaze in order to do your outlining and then fill. I am certainly no artist so I strategically come up with designs that are within my comfort zone. Maybe if I continue to practice my artistic skills will improve and I can stretch out a bit on some of my future designs!

Below are a couple of the other designs I’ve done.  The pink ones were for the fundraising bake sale at my job and the blue ones were for one of my co-workers children.  Practice makes perfect!image

I hope that the people at the housewarming enjoyed the cookies!

Now, on to the next baking project… A WEDDING CAKE!!!  Stay tuned! 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Special Order – Housewarming Sugar Cookies

    • That is SUCH a great idea!! You can definitely order them for Thanksgiving, I will give you a call to find out how many you would like to order! Thanks!

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