Sharpening my Eye ~ #ProjectLife365

I am usually pretty late discovering the latest social media type things, but I am glad that I discovered (albeit late) Project Life 365. Each day a new inspiration word or theme is posted for you to capture an image inspired by that theme. Yesterdays inspiration word was #underneath.  I titled this photo, Established Underneath Understanding and this is what I captured…


I have always loved photography and food and this little blog has given me a nice outlet to share those things.  Clearly this is a food blog and probably about 99.5 percent of the pictures are (and will be) of food. However, before I started taking pictures of everything I made and ate, I was capturing pictures of other beautiful things.

The Rose

I actually started taking pictures in high school. I took a photography class where we developed our photos in black and white. This one class sealed the deal for me and I have been taking pictures ever since.  I love how a single picture can tell an entire story… like this one, its one of my favorite pictures!

kids bw

My dad bought me my first ‘real’ camera, a Canon Rebel 35mm… WITH film!! Do people even use film anymore?  I spent several years with my beloved 35mm taking pictures, developing (some) of the film and reveling in the excitement of the BIG reveal… that moment when you get your pictures back and get to actually see if they turned out!  When digital cameras came out, my dad bought me a Canon Rebel DSLR and I have been using that camera since! As an aside, if my dear daddy would like to upgrade my camera, I would be happy to update this post with the news of the new addition to my camera family!

at sea 1

I just love to capture the moment!  I always have my camera (or smartphone) and will not hesitate to pull it out and snap away when I see a good photo opportunity!  I guess that’s why I’ve been referred to as a ‘paparazzi’ by some of my friends, but I really think they appreciate all my picture taking.  I have captured a lot of important moments for both family and friends over the years, so I think it’s a good thing!


So, from time to time you will see a couple more of my non-food photos on my little blog. I think that good photographers have to have a good eye… and I want to make sure I keep my eye sharp!  I think that Project Life 365 is going to provide some good inspiration!  Now on to today’s inspiration… #little_things!


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