A Strawberry Birthday Cake ~ Pink Ruffle Petals

When a sweet little girl ask you to make a ‘tall pink, white and black’ birthday cake…   

Milan BDay Cake

How can you say no!!

Milan BD 1

I used a slightly new technique to decorate this cake.  I wanted a ruffle effect, but didn’t want to try to tackle the actual ruffles.  I decided to use my old faithful petal technique and pipe the dots using a small star tip.  When I swiped them, they left this cute little ruffle effect.  Nice!

Milan BD 2

I definitely went PINK overload.  The cake was a strawberry cake made with fresh strawberries and… Strawberry Jello!  The filling is an italian meringue buttercream with fresh strawberries folded in.  Finally, the frosting is an american buttercream with strawberry puree and different levels of pink gel color added!

Milan Lit Birthday Cake

To bring in the black… I added a couple black candles!

I think the birthday girl was pleased! 🙂


Strawberry Birthday Cake
Cake and frosting recipe from Sweetapolita
Italian Meringue Buttercream filling recipe adapted from Whisk Kid

pink party cakeI usually include the recipes as a part of the blog post because I often adapt the recipes.  This time I followed them pretty much to a tee.  I did add about 1/4 cup of the strawberry puree to the Italian meringue buttercream to carry out the over the top strawberry flavor.

This cake was a lot of fun to make, plus I got to practice my flower piping techniques a bit.

The ‘ruffle petal’ piping technique was discovered because I love the petal technique and wanted to see how it could be adapted.  Because I love the look of ruffle piping, but haven’t yet mastered it, this was a good substitute… but I will learn the ruffle technique!

If you love strawberry, definitely give this a try… its really good!



2 thoughts on “A Strawberry Birthday Cake ~ Pink Ruffle Petals

  1. Happy birthday, birthday girl. Good job, that’s a beautiful pink petel strawberry cake. I know the birthday girl and guest were happy.

  2. It is a very beautiful cake!!!
    I was browsing on internet to find an idea for a birthday cake when I saw this awsome cake. Thank you very much for this idea.
    By the way, are you using the same tip? Could you tell me wich one, please? I would really apreciate it. Sorry about my English 🙂

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