Savor.Good.Food… at Vacarro’s

Some traditions are important.

Going to Vacarro’s for free birthday dessert and coffee is one of the great traditions that should be kept.  Vacarro’s is a wonderful dessert shop located in the Little Italy neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.  It is a tiny little place, but without complaint people will wait in a line that goes outside the door and around the side of the building for their turn to eat the decadent treats that are located inside.  For as many years as I can remember, my friends and I have built Vacarro’s into our birthday plans.  We may start somewhere else for our birthday, but the plan is always to end the evening with Vacarro’s for dessert.  I have years of pictures from my birthday and non birthday visits, so I thought I would share a couple and encourage you to start a similar tradition.  Vacarro 1

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite dessert, the Original Colosseo… Believe it or not, this here is only the quarter sized version.  It comes in quarter size, half and whole.  The whole is an unreal amount of dessert.  A small family could eat the full size and still have leftovers.  One year when my daddy came to visit me he decided that he wanted to conquer the full size version.  I guess kind of like a Man vs. Food challenge.  Well, he made a valiant effort, but in the war of man against Colosseo… Colosseo won!  However it was fun to watch my daddy try to conquer it!  You gave it a good effort daddy, I am proud of you… come back soon to try again!!  This dessert is made up of a huge Belgium waffle, vanilla gelato, strawberries, wet nuts and whipped cream.  Absolutely love this dessert!

Vacarros Colloseus Dessert 1

Next we have the Apple Strudel Sundae… an apple napoleon with vanilla gelato and whipped cream.  If you are wondering to yourself, is everything big here, the answer is a resounding YES!  This is so good, its almost like an apple pie and apple danish joined forces in the name of creating the most perfect apple dessert.  Then you have that caramel drizzle, my oh my…

Vacarros Apple Dessert

Next we have the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with baci (chocolate hazelnut) gelato, whipped cream and this is served with a side of frangelico, which is a lovely hazelnut liquor, which you are encouraged to liberally pour over the hazelnut cake… talk about gilding the lily!!  All of these flavors come together to create a truly amazing experience.

Vacarros Hazelnut Cake and Coffee Ice Cream 1

If you wanted something on the “smaller” side, you could order the “Mini” Cream Puffs, they come either plain or chocolate topped filled with vanilla custard… and, yes, this is a single order.  I order this when I am trying to watch what I eat!  I feel like I am exercising a certain amount of restraint which should be rewarded by not gaining weight.  I mean, that is how it works, right?

Vacarros Cream Puffs

Of course, coffee is required to fully enjoy these luscious baked goods.

Finally, because it would just be wrong and selfish for me to not share this bit of information, on Monday evenings they have All You Can Eat Desserts and Coffee.  Yes, you heard me right… ALL YOU CAN EAT DESSERTS!!  I remember when I first discovered  this amazing craziness of all you can eat desserts at Vacarro’s, this experience was only $9.95.  Now they offer this experience for $16.15.  My guess is that over the years people have found new and creative ways to truly eat all they can and it is costing them a bit more to supply us with enough desserts.  Plus, people tend to hang out and graze awhile, so if you sit there long enough you can definitely eat quite a bit!   I don’t allow myself to visit Vacarro’s on these special Mondays often, however when I do, I have developed a well perfected strategy that allows me to fully experience as much of Vacarro’s goodness as I can.  I would tell you, but I really have already shared enough about the goodness of Vacarros… plus, developing your own strategy is half the fun!!

Vacarros Coffee

I do hope that if you are ever in the Baltimore area that you will check out Vacarro’s… you won’t be disappointed.  I promise!!


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