Tuesdays with Dorie ~ Rustic Potato Loaves

WOW… I made bread!!

That should really be the title of this post because as I gaze upon the beauty of these two loaves I am still amazed that such simple ingredients, six to be exact, can come together to make this wonderful bread. I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by this recipe because I haven’t really worked with yeast based recipes, but I am glad that I decided to give it a try. Loaves completed

This recipe starts with potatoes, simple russet potatoes, unpeeled and then boiled.

Loaves Potato

Add the air dried potatoes to the mixer to mash them up a bit.

Loaves potato mix

Now comes the yeast… this was how it looked after sitting for awhile.  I used my thermometer to make sure the liquid was at the correct temperature, didn’t want to kill any innocent yeast!

Loaves yeast mix

And then the kneading and kneading and kneading… This recipe most definitely gave my KitchenAid a workout!  I guess better the mixer than me!  I do love my mixer!!

Loaves mixer in action

After the mixer finished doing its thing, I put the dough into another bowl to rest and rise… and boy did it rise!  It is quite amazing to watch this dough transform through each phase.

Loaves dough risen

And here are my lovely skin flecked balls of dough.  I realized that I might have gotten a little flour happy,  but I experienced a little stickiness early on and wanted to make sure I didn’t leave all my dough on the counter!

Loaves divided

And here they are in all of their glory after the final rise.  The directions tell you to flatten out the dough and then roll them toward you.  Then it says to bake it seam side up, I didn’t really have a seam, I guess I really closed up these loaves during the shaping process.  The truth is I kind of like when it looks like the loaf is ‘stretching at the seams’ if you will…  next time I won’t be as hyper vigilant on the closure of the loaves.

Loaves final rise

After about 45 minutes in the oven I had two beautiful (if I do say so myself!!) loaves of bread.  And, yes, they are indeed ‘rustic’ and I love them that way.

Loaves cut

Let me say, this bread is good.  I’ll admit that I am probably a little biased.  After seeing how beautiful these loaves turned out, I thought that I should have maybe engraved my initials in at least one of the loaves so that people would actually believe that I made them!  In the spirit of ‘testing’ this bread, I decided that I should pair it with  something sweet and savory.  So, I toasted up a couple slices, one topped with a blend of Italian cheese and the other toasted with butter and then drizzled with honey.

loaves collage

After my rigorous testing (and testing) I can confidently say that this is indeed very good bread!!  You should definitely give this recipe a try.  It was a very gratifying experience.  To find the full recipe visit Dawn at Simply Sweet.


8 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie ~ Rustic Potato Loaves

  1. You make it seem so easy. I was surprised that it was free form and kept its shape. I thought bread needed a bread pan…go figure!

  2. Great post. I really enjoyed reading it. Your bread looks wonderful. I too really liked this recipe and was proud of what I was able to produce. I love the rustic look. And you’re right, it is very good bread! 🙂

  3. I love how pleased you are with having made bread – I always feel the same way. There’s something a little miraculous about home made bread.

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