Savor.Good.Food… in Phoenix

When I travel West, I usually layover briefly in Phoenix.
This time I decided to stop.
I am SO glad that I did.

Phoenix Room View

I had lovely room…

Renaissance hotel

Lovely views…

Phoenix landscape

This may seem like the normal coffee shot, and it is, but with a little surprise at the bottom.  A little branding at the bottom of the cup.  Yes, it is a Renaissance Marriott mug and it is likely that we know what the’R’ stands for, but perhaps it could stand for Rest or Relax or Refresh… Well, now that I am the proud owner of this mug (oh, I found out that if you ask nicely for one, they might just say yes!) the ‘R’ at the bottom can be whatever I want it to be.  Actually, when I finish a cup of coffee, I am Ready to face the day!

Renaissance Coffee

In addition to special message mugs, the Renaissance had a lovely fruit and yogurt parfait.  Its amazing how presentation can transform a very basic breakfast into something special.  Fruit, yogurt, granola… simple.  Fruit, yogurt, granola layered perfectly in a cute mason mug… special.  I like special!

Renaissance Parfait R Parfait 2

I also had the steel cut oatmeal.  Again, wonderfully creative presentation!          

Oatmeal Story

One of the things I was most excited about traveling to Arizona for, was the Mexican food!  I do love authentic Mexican food!  Not TexMex trying to impersonate Mexican food, not super pretty and fancy Mexican fusion cuisine, but real, plate jumbled all up with rice, beans, cheese and a perfectly prepared traditional Mexican creation.  Real tortillas and great chips and salsa!  This is what I really wanted from my trip to Arizona.  We just don’t get that type of food on the east coast, and being a California girl, I need some real Mexican food every once in awhile!  

I can tell a good Mexican food restaurant before I even get inside.   Upon driving up and seeing Los Dos Molinos, my heart skipped a beat because I knew that this place would be good!  Not a huge mega restaurant, but a homey little restaurant where you just know they are using recipes passed down through the generations.  Perhaps a couple updates to the recipes here and there, but the traditions are still maintained.

Los Dos Molinas

I had to share a little of the decor… which I do enjoy almost as much as the food!  


Heat Sign

Yes, the sign was a little scary, but it just adds to the charm! Just FYI, I didn’t end up looking like the unfortunate man in the picture… the spiciness was just right.   Now,on to the important subject of the food.  I had the Rellenos Adovada, which were chili rellonos stuffed with cheese and slow roasted pork and topped with spicy green chili.  It was served with rice, beans and a tortilla.  I ate this ENTIRE plate of Mexican food with pure abandon… enjoying every last bite!  I was definitely a member of the clean plate crew that night.

Rellenos Adovado

And I happily rolled myself out of the place, but it was ALL worth it!    


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