Lovely Mussels

I am a bit of a mussels connoisseur.


For me, the quality of the mussels, the flavor of the broth and the abundance of crusty bread that all come together to make for perfect mussel eating experience!  I like meaty mussels.  There is nothing worse than opening up a mussel only to find a wimpy little mussel.  I know its not the mussels fault, someone out there might like little mussels, just not me.  The broth is really important because, if you are like me, you scoop up a shell full of the broth with each bite of mussel and when all the mussels are gone you finish off the broth with the good crusty bread.  So, what do I like in a broth?  This particular bowl of mussels was made with bacon, butter, beer, shallots, garlic and parsley.    I do also like wine based broth, with butter of course and a little cream never hurts.

THIS bowl of mussels didn’t disappoint…

Mussels by Savor.Good.Food

What makes this bowl of mussels even better is that I MADE THEM!  It is so gratifying when you can recreate some of your favorites at home.

Truly these were lovely mussels…


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